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What is a UV Robot?

Our UV Robot is an indoor robotic unit that uses ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) in order to sterilize up to 99,9999% of microorganisms on vertical or horizontal surfaces. The UV Robot is autonomous and after programing will move through rooms, warehouses and other areas by itself.  It is especially suitable for high risk and heavily exposed areas like hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings, supermarkets or airports. During downtime the UV Robot's primary function is disinfection, but during the day it can be placed at entrances and halls and monitor body temperatures - 24h application.

The UV Robot is excellent for hospital environments where it is able to eliminate spores and various multi-drug resistant bacteria on surfaces (smooth and rough) with a disinfection result of 99,9999%.

This robot will eliminate the possibility of human error and document the cleaned area for later verification.
Public areas
With a cumulated UV intensity of 270 uW/cm2 the UV Robot is the best option for highly exposed areas like waiting areas, airports, shopping centers and other similar places. The UV rays destroy the DNA of viruses, bacteria and other harmful organic microorganisms. An area of 1,000 m2 can be disinfected in about 150 minutes.

With only 70 kgs, including batteries and a simple operating system the UV Robot can be handled by standard cleaning staff.
Benefits of the UV Robot
Comprehensive Navigation System

- extreme position accuracy of +-1cm
- easy to setup first operation
- safe and automatic navigation in complicated areas - offices, hospital rooms, supermarket isles
- automatic charging system, 6 hour running time, 2,5h charging
Financing, Warranty and Support

- financing and lease services available
- full warranty and support
- post-warranty support, services and parts available
- on-site support and guaranteed reaction times

Reliable and Autonomous

- High-power certified Phillips lamps
- 360° disinfection, up to 10m range
- several advanced safety features
- easy setup for unattended automatic operation
- disinfection report, no human errors
- body temperature camera with alarm output

UV Robot BOB in the media:
Request a test!

We understand that an autonomous robot doing all the work might sound a little bit too sci-fi. That is why we will gladly visit your premises and demonstrate the robot in action. We will take a swab of the area before and after the disinfection to prove the efficiency of the UV Robot. Please contact us using the form below for information on availability and schedules.
Who are we?
BetaRobotics specializes in the development and sales of robotic helpers. Besides serious and extensive development of the UV Robot, we also offer a broad range of robots for all types of industries, from small packet moving robots to large complete Warehouse Management Systems. Because customer satisfaction is paramount to us, we provide full warranty and post-warranty support with guaranteed reaction times.
We are based in the Czech Republic but we are expanding quickly throughout Europe. One of our brands that we proudly promote in Europe is Quicktron. Please feel free to contact us and find out what we can do for you.
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Pakoměřická 1775/5, CZ-182 00, Prague 8

(+420) 603 998 217


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